Another part of Ch1 of my YA Urban fantasy novel Firstborn:

“And,” he continued, his eyes now wide open, “they aren’t human. I swear, Erik, they looked like giant geckos on hind legs. No one wants to admit what they saw, but we all saw it. ” He sucked deeply on his cigarette, forcing himself not to panic in the vicinity of his subordinates.
“Long necks, elongated snouts, tail thrashing about? Looked ready to eat every single one of you without a moment’s notice?”
“Yes, exactly like that!” Roland yelped. The cigarette was half gone by now.
 I smiled happily, much to Roland’s chagrin. “Lizardmen; you found Lizardmen.”

Check back next week for the continuation. Enjoy!

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13 comments on “SFFS
  1. JC Cassels says:

    Ooh! Lizardmen! Always fun. Looking forward to seeing more. Great stuff!

  2. TKToppin says:

    Very entertaining! And filled with witty humour! Love it.

  3. T. M. Hunter says:

    Definitely wouldn't want to meet up with Lizardmen myself!

  4. Ha! What fun! I love your description of Roland sucking on his cigarette. His anxiety is palpable. Nice!

  5. Peter Vialls says:

    Fun! I love the contrast between our hero and the panicking Roland. I'll be fascinated to see some more of this one.

  6. Maybe these lizardmen wouldn't be so grumpy if they ate a bit more at mealtime. Next time guys, order the 12 oz. steak!

  7. Hurrah for lizardmen! great description in this snippet. All of Roland's agitation pulled me right in.

  8. Erik certainly thinks he has things figured out.

  9. Great exchange here! Very new pulp.:) Heidi

  10. Gayle says:

    Well, those Lizardmen sound sexy……. 😛

  11. Mad Writer says:

    As sexy as flesh eating giant bipedal lizards can get

  12. Pippa Jay says:

    Ronald sounds so calm about it!

  13. Misa says:

    I hate it when you think you've discovered something weird and scary, then this other guy just goes "Oh them? yeah." Pfft.Seriously though, I love this scene 😀

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