Another part from chapter 2 of my novel Firstborn. Enjoy!

Feeling danger approaching from behind, I dropped and rolled to my left just in time to avoid the clawed swipe of a third monster. My momentum carried me to the other side of the room and, even at that distance, I stabbed in my assailant’s direction. The short sword’s blade elongated disproportionately, skewering the giant lizard and embedding its tip in the wall behind it. I cancelled the spell, reverting the blade back to its original form, and spun and scanned the room for the two remaining monsters. I spotted one at the far end of the corridor, scurrying in retreat. I reversed the grip on Djinn, holding it point downward, and swiped with all my might, slashing the distance between me and my quarry. A crescent-shaped wave of blue energy erupted from my blade and streaked toward the lizard, bifurcating it. I smiled at my second victory.
Momentarily letting my guard down.
Too late, my senses warned me of danger as I felt a mighty blow on my right side, which knocked me into a door, crashing me inside a dimly-illuminated classroom.
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11 comments on “SFFS
  1. T. M. Hunter says:

    Always have to keep track of the number of assailants you're still facing…sort of like the number of bullets you have left, when you're not able to use a blue energy-erupting blade and all. Good snippet!

  2. Peter Vialls says:

    Wow! This is a really good combat sequence, using both weapons and magic. I'm envious! And I like how Erik can make mistakes – fallible heroes are far more interesting than supermen.

  3. "Great shot, kid! Don't get cocky!" — Han Solo

  4. Man, you write some kick ass SF action. You've managed to combine so many elements so well. Tightly written, very exciting. Loved it.

  5. Classroom? Oh, yes, this is in a school, isn't it.

  6. Mad Writer says:

    Thanks a lot man. I really appreciate it

  7. Mad Writer says:

    And now we know my influences

  8. Mad Writer says:

    Ok this comment just made my day. Thanks a lot man, really appreciate it

  9. Mad Writer says:

    Yep. A school invaded by lizardmen. In my world the bad people are conveniently reptilian. For now

  10. Yikes. I hope he kept a grip on his cool sword.

  11. AnnK says:

    Late to the party, but I do have to repeat that this is a great action scene. Nicely written. And it only takes one lapse to wind up in a world of hurt! Hope he's okay.

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