Another part of Chapter 2 of my novel Firstborn.


Behind the door were fourteen spastic and scared aura bundles, presumably belonging to the children. They were huddled in a corner to the right. Directly in front of the door, as if it were some grotesque bouncer, was a jagged and sharp aura, vibrating at an erratic pace and swirling in unnatural patterns. Its shape, colour and texture was completely different from that of the children: this was the aura of the final Lizardman. 

I willed my eyes open and blocked my aura-sensing, trying to replace the image of the swirling and erratic blob of energy with the image of a giant lizard. I did not plan on facing it in combat. If I made a single error, one of those kids could end up suffering and that was unacceptable in my book. So I calculated the position of the monster and pointed Djinn at where I assumed its chest would be. I placed Djinn’s tip on the cheap wooden door and channelled my own aura into the sword, which promptly elongated for the second time; the azure blade shot through the door and embedded itself inside the Lizardman’s sternum, skewering and pushing it farther back into the room. 
Releasing the spell, I opened the door and was greeted with the satisfying sight of a giant bipedal lizard thrashing agonizingly on the ground before stopping abruptly and remaining still. I sheathed my sword and spun to face the kids, just to make sure that none of them were hurt; Ignoring their looks of awe and bewilderment, I turned my back on them and took out my cellphone.

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15 comments on “SFFS
  1. Giant lizards, swords and spells, oh my! My snippet is over on my website as usual. I have to stop forgetting to add my name to the list.

  2. T. M. Hunter says:

    Great stuff. Enjoyed it.

  3. S A Check says:

    I liked the aspect that the character can see aura's – could make for some interesting scenes. The satisfying sight of a giant bipedal lizard – what else can you really say about that. Finally, pulling out the cell phone was unexpected and makes me want to learn more about this world.

  4. Nice snipped. I've read farther than that, but I've got so many things to read!

  5. Love this snippet. Very nicely done!

  6. taraquan.com says:

    Lizards and magical swords. How cool.

  7. Cassandra says:

    Lizardmen, endangered children, auras, magical swords AND cellphones. Awesome. I must read this book

  8. TKToppin says:

    Oh, I know what happens next! I know, I know… Okay, I'll keep quiet. Good stuff.

  9. Mad Writer says:

    Much appreciated. 🙂

  10. Mad Writer says:

    Glowing swords and monster slaying. Take three guesses as to where I get my inspiration from. Hint: it may involve role playing

  11. Mad Writer says:

    Next chapter we get talking cats. Just sayin

  12. Mad Writer says:

    No spoilers shhhh!!!! But yay, you're reading the book:)))

  13. Gayle Ramage says:

    Wonderful and very descriptive. 🙂

  14. Pippa Jay says:

    Lizard men and cellphones?

  15. Misa says:

    Descriptive, but a little long.

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