Another part from Ch 3 of Firstborn. More Erik and Amaymon banter. 


“There. Can I have some quiet now?” I asked.

“Sure; can I have some beer?”

“You’re a cat! I am certainly not giving you beer. Don’t want you getting sick all over my office.”

“It will certainly improve the décor.”

“Shut up and eat; Did anyone call while I was out?”

“No,” was Amaymon’s muffled response as he stuffed his face with the biscuit-like substance. A few seconds later, however, his ears twitched and said, 
“Someone’s coming.”
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7 comments on “SFFS
  1. T. M. Hunter says:

    Can't stop laughing at the banter. Sounds exactly as I figure our cats are thinking. Though I have to say, I don't think withholding beer is going to keep the cat from getting sick all over the place. They seem to do that at will…great snippet!

  2. TKToppin says:

    Haha! Gotta love Amaymon! Such a Cool Cat…as only cats that are demons can be.

  3. You man he doesn't insist on filet mignon?

  4. hehe. Make me glad my cats can't talk.Nice snippet!

  5. taraquan.com says:

    “It will certainly improve the décor.”That's an awesome line–especially from a cat 🙂

  6. scwade says:

    lol. Amaymon should demand lasagna or something. 😉

  7. LOL I always get a kick out of reading the conversations between these two.

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