Another snippet from Chapter 3 of Firstborn. Enjoy. (The final line is the build up to a punchline in the next snippet. That way you get to look forward to the final part of Chapter 3( next week) with anticipation of either a really good joke or a major fail. Either way you’ll be entertained.)

I glanced at the door and wondered who it might be. I had just come back from a job for the police and I was certain that I had no more appointments for the day. In fact, I had not put the OPEN sign up yet. The doorbell rang and Amaymon hissed, glaring at the door intently, as if forcing his yellow orbs the see through the door. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he could as he has many abilities I knew nothing about. I knew his reactions to clients even before they stepped foot into my office. Hissing and glaring were sure signs that whoever it was, Amaymon did not approve of them. Chances were that I wouldn’t like them, either. So with a grunt of effort I got up and made for the door.

“Let’s see what pest the universe is plaguing me with now,” I said, smiling at my own wit.

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12 comments on “SFFS
  1. T. M. Hunter says:

    Beware people who are this early…trust me, I should know. Interesting snippet.

  2. Let me guess. It's a giant cockroach selling bug spray.

  3. Mad Writer says:

    If only it were that simple. But no, it's not. Erik hasn't suffered nearly enough yet

  4. Mad Writer says:

    Yeah. No one should dare penetrate my wall of solitude until the afternoon. And even then, be quick about it

  5. TKToppin says:

    Ooo! I know who it is, I know!! Okay, I won't say. Fun snippet as always!!

  6. S A Check says:

    Cat visitor radar! Cool set up and vibe for the office. Loved the last line – who can't relate to that sentiment.

  7. Mad Writer says:

    It's what I say every time the phone rings

  8. Mad Writer says:

    Thank you. So cool to have you enjoy the snippets even if you know the punchline or the end of the story

  9. He's obviously not expecting a friend.

  10. Great snippet… and I am so looking forward to next week. With a line like that, the universe *must* be listening. And ready to lay the smackdown!

  11. Starr O'Hara says:

    Don't you hate those days when the universe doesn't even give you time to recuperate from your work with the police before it starts plaguing you with visitors who don't pass muster with your talking cat?!

  12. scwade says:

    Great last line! Especially him smiling at his own wit. I find I've done that many times. It's like an accomplishment.

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