A random part from Legacy book 2 ARC. This one has Amaymon; cos I couldn’t resist.

“You gotta get that thing out of the coffin,” continued the cat.
“How do I do that?”
“Are you really dumb, man? You’ve never really watched any King Arthur stuff? Same way you pull any sword, man – you grab the handle and yank it. I mean, how old are you, fourteen, fifteen? I really shouldn’t be explaining the whole yanking process to you.”

“Anything else?” I said as I inched closer and closer to the sword handle.
“Could you put Romeo and Juliet back under me? I was getting to the hot part.”
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12 comments on “SFFS
  1. I burst out laughing. Love this cat. 🙂

  2. Hilarious! It's so hard to write humor, but you nailed this scene.

  3. TKToppin says:

    Haha!! Good stuff!! I always love the interaction between Erik and his cat.

  4. Mad Writer says:

    Wait until you get to the end.

  5. Mad Writer says:

    Funny you should use the word nailed in a coffin and wanking joke. But I thank you. I love writing jokes. Especially the ones people get

  6. Mad Writer says:

    Mission accomplished

  7. Mad Writer says:

    Hehe. We never grow past yanking and dick jokes

  8. There's so much about this that is humorous with great pacing, but the bit about explaining yanking to a 14/15 year old is perfect.

  9. Mad Writer says:

    Thank you very much. I thrive on awkward moments

  10. S A Check says:

    This dialogue is so seamless and smooth that the comedy just filters in and makes you feel that your laughing WITH the characters. Great snippet!

  11. LOL! Great and humorous dialogue! A very witty kitty!

  12. Pippa Jay says:

    *snorts* but I imagine all cats spend their lives thinking 'stupid humans, thank goodness they remember to feed us'.

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