Still on Legacy book 2 (unedited). This part is the creepy intro of the character everybody loves to hate. That’s right: in this scene eleven year old Erik and Gil find out that their creepy butler Mr. Faust, is in fact a demon by the name of . . .


“Good evening masters,” he said with is cold, silky voice. He bowed deeply. “I was called Mr. Faust by the staff household as a disguise from who I really am. I am a demon, Elemental of Air and Wind, former Adviser to his fallen majesty, the Demon Emperor, and current council to the Ashendale warlock bloodline. I shall be your instructor in the ways of magic and ancient lore.”

He stood up, his yellow eyes gleaming, fangs exposed. His expression spoke of macabre and horror, the stuff that children dream up and think is in their closet. The monsters we think are watching our every more, the horrors lurking behind the next corner.

“My name is Mephistopheles.” 
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9 comments on “SFFS
  1. Cary Caffrey says:

    I KNEW those monsters were in my closet!

  2. Mad Writer says:

    The question is not whether they exist or not – they do. The real question is who put them there and why?

  3. T. M. Hunter says:

    That's a mouthful…fun little snippet.

  4. Mephistopheles? Really? Really?! I can't stand him. He owes me money. ;)Nice snippet. I foresee lots of fun with these characters.

  5. JC Cassels says:

    Don't tell me he has a JOB?? Mephisto may owe Patrick money, but his ex-wife is looking for him for back child support. Little Damian keeps outgrowing his shoes. Do you know how hard it is to FIND shoes that accommodate cloven hooves?

  6. Mad Writer says:

    I love how you an just decide that one of the elemental demonic forces of the universe just up and owes you money.

  7. He's got some flair, doesn't he? And by flair I mean a creepy powerful air of terror. Something around there. Fantastic details, great dialogue.

  8. taraquan.com says:

    Very theatrical. Those kids are going to have an interesting school year.

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