Tipis and Scriptlings

Let’s do an honest sound check –

testing one, two; time to pull another blog post outta my ass, one two

testing testing; if I don’t do it my manager and media consultant will ride my ass like no tomorrow, testing one, two.

why am I doing this on Black Friday, testing one, two – because I don’t judge Fridays by race or color, nor am I part of the American tradition of thanksgiving, black fridays or any other holidays celebrating the hostile takeover from the people who wear feathers, carry tomahawks and provided us with tipis. One, two

OK that’s about enough.

Welcome all to another segment of Voices in my Head where for the next few minutes you may wanna smoke that joint you have hidden in your wallet or pull out that vodka flask (which you told your kids was water when they discovered it, the little buggers).

I can’t write a very long convoluted post simply because it’s comic con weekend here on the rock. Now I know you’re thinking ‘Comic con, jeez that’s so cool.’ -_-

Not quite. Our comic con is shit on crackers and we have no idea how to celebrate geekdom here, simply because geeks are taken out back and shot when they take it too seriously. Hurray for puritanical lifestyles (not).

But still, a very dear friend of mine is here and me and Shaun are showing her around. They have matching costumes too, which is very cute.


And now to the juicy part.

This interview: http://www.sorinsuciu.com/interview-ryan-attard/

I’m not gonna quote it or anything (too lazy mofos). But I can say one thing – Sorin Suciu’s interview was the best one I had so far, hands down.

And here’s why – this guy is an insane, funny geek.

I am a funny insane (yeah no shit) geek.

Q. E. Fucking D. (That’s inspired from Sorin’s debut novel The Scriptlings and I dirtied it a little) I was asked funny and insane geeky questions.

I loved it, I had a good time and I wrote my first (and if I’m merciful, my last) limerick. It’s best sung with the beat of Run DMZ in “Walk This Way” with Aerosmith. Or a Quebec accent.

Whichever works, baby.

And now, onto the nitty gritty.

I’ve been taking a bit of well deserved rest (get off my dick haters) after writing three novels and two short stories (WTF have you been doing all year?), I decided I should spend at least a week of only doing minimal writing, focusing alot on idea generation and the behind the scenes building of a story.

Also, reading a ton. I haven’t been able to devour books like I used to so this was an awesome time to catch up. I went through 2 books (and 1 50-page comic) in less than 5 days and finished Sorin Suciu’s the Scriptlings.

By no means were we in communication to plug eachothers’ stuff and we’re too cool to do that anyway. But it was a glorious day (night in my case) when he posted that interview and I mentioned that I enjoyed the Scriptlings without the other knowing what was going on about eachother. This once and for all proves that great minds not only think alike but sync together like a wireless network or a group of women’s monthly manifestations of the ‘inner beast’. (If you’re offended by that joke, may I please show you to the tampon section?)

I have yet to write a review on the greatness that is Sorin Suciu’s debut work, but let me surmise by saying that the book was so good, that I am pretty sure that Sorin’s name will be one that you will hear soon and often (perhaps in between moans and whispers?).

All joking aside, I am glad I bought the book and I will be writing a positive review soon. I urge you to indulge yourself and buy it too. Look out for this author people, he’s one for the history books.

Or the hushed tones whispered in asylum walls where my name is often spoken.

Only history will tell.

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2 comments on “Tipis and Scriptlings
  1. Sorin Suciu says:

    Oh, Ryan, you wacky thing you 🙂
    I’m always glad to find a member of my karass (Kurt Vonnegut FTW).
    Now go and show those Maltese geeks how it’s done!

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