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Creativity = Insanity: scientific derailment

Before we delve into our topic, I just wanna wish all my Chinese friends and fans a Happy New Year. To the rest of the world: go back to work. But listen to this first. Recently I came across an

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Snowflakes and Storytelling

Today I talk about the Snowflake Method, a system of progressive writing that starts off with that dreaded one line description and evolves into a how-many-thousands-of-words novel. You can find the full list here at their website. However, me, being

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Going Postal

Hey Folks, today we’re flipping the table a little bit. Well not literally, since I have no upper body strength to speak off (but I do have lower body strength . . . hear that, ladies?) Today’s post has nothing

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When Stars Die: why you should read this book

Hey guys. Before we start, here’s a promo: OK onto the rest of the post. Today I wanted to talk to you about a certain book entitled When Stars Die, written by fellow AEC Stellar member Amber Forbes. Here’s the

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New Year, Reviews and Voices

What’s up Guys? Happy New year to all. Anyone have any interesting new vows? I don’t bother making any, knowing full well I will not keep any of them. I mean, seriously people, I couldn’t even keep my vow to

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