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Today’s show takes your answers (generously given over Facebook and the social media spectrum) about creative writing methods. I asked for established methods, but everyone ended up giving me their own personal one – which is better. It’s more human. So, instead of critiquing, I just observe and ‘play nice’.

Also, on a personal note, this podcast seems to be one of the most hyper I’ve ever done. There’s a lot of random bounciness and the fact that I’m drinking coffee ON THE SHOW doesn’t help in the least.

Enjoy the rants, the observations and leave your comments below.



the magazine I mention at the end is this one:

Monster of the Week: Ghouls

Welcome back to another episode of The Lurking Voice. Today I discuss ghouls and their various incarnations and interpretations, from their Arabian origins to Lovecraft’s own mix-up to modern mash ups such as those in the TV series Supernatural.

Of course there’s always the me portion of the episode where I discuss and whine like a little bitch about whatever is bothering me – namely interview setups and the fact that someone outside woke me up and now I have to take that vitriol out on the mic. Fun, fun, fun.

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Animorphs (Lurking Voice Ep. 6)

Today I discuss K. A. Applegate’s Animorph series – a book series which shaped my early teenage years and made me to guy I am today. Take a trip down memory lane with me as I explore the series, take a look at the elements which made it awesome, plead a children’s network and, at one point, even hear my brain fry.

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Rapid Fire

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Follow up

A quick post on last week’s events. For those of you who missed it last Friday I blogged about author Gail Z Martin which you can find here.

Also, I started my Newsroom; which is essentially me, picking up not more than five really funny stories from various news sites, and turn them into my own personal twisted jokes. So far no one has sued me, which I always take as a ‘go ahead’ sign.

OK enough rambling. Here’s why I am blogging today.

Reason no.1

K.D. Keenan is one of the brand spanking new authors to be signed to AEC Stellar and she happens to know Gail Z Martin. And since I have no qualms or boundaries, I asked her for a quick commentary on the author, just to prove that I didn’t make the entire post up last week:

“Gail Z. Martin is a talented world-builder whose imagined cultures are believable, detailed and rather gritty. Her characters are complex, and like people you encounter every day, have their likable aspects–and their flaws. Her protagonists grow and change as her stories progress, providing a character arc that the reader finds realistic and satisfying. If you’re looking for action and adventure and you’re not into fairy-dust fantasy, you’ll love Martin’s work.”

It would be kind of a dick move not to plug Keenan after I pestered her, and she responded despite technological (google) problems on both our parts.

Keenan is an urban fantasy author (just like me!) which is cool cos I was feeling lonely within the ranks of AEC Stellar in the cold shelves on UF all alone with no one to play with but myself. (Yeah, trust me, that sounded way worse in my head.)

Follow her blog here.

Read the first couple of chapters from her upcoming novel The Obsidian Mirror (I like it already) here.

Stalk her on Facebook and Twitter.

Got it? Cool.


Now, I could have left it there. I had intended this post to be just a follow up to the one I did last Friday.

And then I read Shannon’s post on Hate-Reading and reader hating over here.

Both she and the people who commented have raised a lot of valid points. I would simply articulate that if you have time to waste hating something, wouldn’t it be easier to spend that time doing something you actually enjoy?

I mean we all have some artistic endeavor in our soul yearning to come out and scream freedom to the world. No one is based solely on hate, just as no one is the anti-Christ (well perhaps Dick Cheney). I mean come on people! And I say this as being the only Sci-fi nerd in my entire school; so I got my fair share of hating, although the literary part was only supplementary.

The one thing I noticed was lacking was a good thorough response to every hater out there. So, keeping true to my generous and altruistic self, I have recorded a response meant to not only crush any hater, but make you so badass, they HAVE to cast you as the next Bond villain.

Here is my response to all haters:


Till next time

Chronicles of the Necromancer

There are a great many book which inspired me but few had the impact that Gail Z Martin’s Chronicles of the Necromancer had. This epic fantasy series has all the ingredients of being a mega seller – and it’s one of those titles where even a cynic like myself has to bow down and admit that the fame is well earned.

In the following episode I will explore the plot, characters and world building of this series.

But first some links:


Follow her on Twitter and facebook

She also hosts the Ghost in the Machine podcast (Thus proving once and for all that great minds love to hear their own voice)

This series was one of the very first books I’ve ever picked up and I was still stoked (and totally squealing like a girl) when the final book of the Fallen Kings Cycle, The Dread came out. I spent hours reading it (sometimes/ often skipping lectures just to finish an extra chapter.

My review of the entire 6 books: TEN STARS. (5 for the actual content and then another five for making me want to live inside the books and write my own novels)

(bdw Gail, if you’re ever listening to this, just say hi on twitter or something. It would so make my day. Or maybe if you wanna have me on your podcast or something – I may be pushing it here)

OK enough fanboying.

Enjoy the clip.

Don’t forget to check out the new about me page for more contact info and the latest comedy segment which can be found here.

Till next time

a Journal entry of sorts

I never thought I’d hear myself say it, but there are some things even I cannot say out loud on a mic. Stress affects performance (as most males know) and to this point I have to resort to writing rather than talking.

The new year brought along with it a very nasty monster – panic. I understand the insanity of trying to earn a living from writing stories, but somehow, like a deer caught in headlights, I am unable to do anything but stare and brace myself. And the only reason I am telling you thins is because I use this blog as a therapeutic release, rather than keep it all inside and have it affect the outcome of the next story.

A writer has a different perspective of time that the rest of the world. We measure our success by time, since that is usually our only resource. Then we simply convert that into sales units – which basically means “how popular we think this thing is gonna be”. If you’re an author and you feel like arguing, I would suggest you take a look at your current project and see exactly why it is you’re writing that.

Now, before you accuse me of being mercenary – I do follow the “artistic call”. This mentality comes from that place.

So when something threatens to consume any of my time, my natural instinct is to say no, because all that is potential writing time and I am a true storyteller. Every moment of me being awake, and some uncomfortable hours during the night too, are all consumed by “what story should I tell”, “What world to go to” and “How to make it better”. Many an author has gone insane trying to make heads and tails out of those three notions, and I am steadily thinking I may be joining their ranks shortly.

It comes to no surprise then when I tell you I have no time nor ability in the field of marketing. This is the main reason I signed a contract and sought help. I know a few author who are naturals in this regard – somehow, magically, or by virtue of their labor, accumulating thousands of followers, subscribers and what have you, seemingly in a matter of few months. I am not one of these authors.

I suppose this is why I went into full panic mode and started asking friends for methods on how to popularize my work and social media profiles. Help which I got and to them I say thank you. The problem lies with me. Perhaps this is the artistic soul in my that abhors selling myself to people. Or perhaps I am doing it wrong. Perhaps the pro-active stance I take on such matters is better put elsewhere, in areas I can actually control.

I suppose the root of the problem is that I hate relying on others, which is why I have been working extra hard on writing as a form of compensation. I don’t know for what really but it’s compensation nonetheless. If you follow my twitter feed, you’ll know I have started the third book of the Legacy series. Just so I am clear, the second book has yet to go through editing, so in essence I am writing a book a year (at least) in advance. This is how much I abhor marketing myself – to the point of writing something years in advance, if it means I can rid myself of the mental guilt of not having hit the number one bestseller list.

All of this is quite unhealthy so I decided to take a more passive route. I’m still writing, but less panicky. I am still sending out review requests at a glacially slow pace so as to personalize each one. I refuse to send them in bulk – I have done that in the past and the results were ungainly. I want to talk to people not copy-pasted email addresses.

I am looking for ways to make this blog more popular, but to be honest I am undermining myself by changing the content, a clear sign of trying to find my voice. I am a newbie author – I have very little to offer in ways of teaching, instruction or literary value. That is the reason why I picked up the mic. But perhaps, instead of milling what is left of my exhausted brain for material I may have no interest in, in the first place, or trying to leech on topics which have been dealt with over and over again, I am going to try a more entertaining angle.

That is the point of my existence – to entertain people. I write books that make your heart race, your lips smile and your minds soar. If any of you communicated with me in any form, you know I will try my best to make you laugh – that is my addiction, to make you laugh and smile and snort. And perhaps if I catered my voice to that I will feel more fulfilled, the show would be more popular and finally I can get some restful sleep.

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