Interview with Greg Lamb

So here we are guys; Episode 10 of the Lurking Voice and my first ever live interview.

In this episode you get a preamble of about 10 minutes, where I talk and bitch about something or other and then say somethings which may change your life. Seriously, I’m amazing and you should listen to me. (I’m also sick in this part, so my voice has a sexy rumble to it)

Then there’s the interview. This is my longest podcast yet – I chatted with Greg for over a hour and it was some of the best material I have. This guy is deep – a truly wise man with a set heart to do the right thing and help out others.

I’m glad he was my first live show – there definitely was that connection there, where two people can engage in conversation. So thank you Greg.

You can stalk Greg on his website, his Facebook page and his twitter account.

Check out A Dangerous Element as it drops next Thursday, MARCH 13th.

AEC Stellar is doing a release party for A Dangerous Element. I will see you all there.

click here to attend

So here’s the episode. enjoy guys.


Rapid Fire

Blue Stahli

PS. I’m working to get the podcast set up on iTunes so that everyone can just subscribe from there and all our lives will be easier.


or go to my About Me page and click on the link at the bottom

Cheers guys. Till next time,


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  1. […] is a short episode, only 30 minutes long, to compensate for last week’s juggernaut and also because this is the second time I recorded this episode and my throat is sore. . . […]

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