The Covenant

The Lurking Voice episode 11

For this episode I decided to branch out a little and discuss one of the movies that helped shape the Legacy series – The Covenant (2006).

This is a short episode, only 30 minutes long, to compensate for last week’s juggernaut and also because this is the second time I recorded this episode and my throat is sore. . . again.

As a preamble I bitch about the podcast cover art and how the company I hired basically fucked me over by being utter fucktards about everything. I had to cut my losses and get bent for 30$ but at least I didn’t have to pay over a 100 for the design that looks like it was designed by someone who spent the majority of their time being hit over the head with a hammer.

I’ve already found a new company and these deliver a product for only 30$ – and I have to have a cover if I want the podcast on iTunes.

Also, some of you may remember may have read my latest blog post, Why Rewriting is such a Bad Fucking Idea. Thank you for following me (I’m still getting emails and wordpress went bat shit crazy, telling me this was my highest viewed post to date) and thank you for your support.

Speaking of thank you, make sure to get on my mailing list. By this year I should have a lot more material out and I want to make sure the mailing list people get some free stuff when I offer it. I promise not to send long emails – a paragraph or two just to keep in touch and I do encourage you to reply.

Go to my About Me page and click the link at the end. Easy as that.

Back to the blog post – someone (who I will not mention, because they had the courtesy not to mention me) wrote a GIANT blog post detailing how my post fucked them off, not realizing that we were arguing towards the same point. I mean, the only difference was that of definitions, which yes, is very confusing. However, person-who-clearly-hasn’t-understood-my-blog-post, I am not going to argue or engage in any debate. Both of us have our opinions and we are entitled to share them. I appreciate the civility and let’s end it here. See – I can be diplomatic!

Also, today is when A Dangerous Element by Greg Lamb, last week’s guest, drops. There’s a launch party from 7-9 CDT on Facebook. Really, guys, you should attend: we give out prizes like no tomorrow. Books, gift cards, signed copies – you name it. It’s like a Roman Orgy but with words.

A phone sex version of an orgy. (Oh god, AEC people are going to read this – for fuck’s sake, tone it down Ryan!!!)

So to avoid further embarrassment and open a new avenue of head desking (yes that’s a term – look it up), here’s the episode:


Rapid Fire

Blue Stahli


Peace out and see you all tonight,


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7 comments on “The Covenant
  1. I love that movie. I used to own it, but someone stole it 🙁
    Loving the podcasts. The music at the beginning was pretty epic, too! Sorry to hear about your cover art experience.

  2. LOL I should’ve waited til the end to comment. I am CRACKING up. “Seconds Before…uh…Seconds Before…It starts with Seconds.” (It’s Seconds Before Sunrise.) And I live in CDT (you are right. It’s a timezone, but it’s the Midwest, so I’m not surprised.)
    I agree on your opinion of the movie! It’s one of my guilty pleasures – I swear they spent half of their budget on that car wreck.

    • enkousama says:

      Sorry about the book. It was either that or get the name wrong.

      That exploding car scene was one of the best cgi scene ever!! Although the final fight was pretty dope. Pity they only used aerokinesis – the setup was perfect for awesome spell variety. But then again the script was underdeveloped

      So glad I can nerd out with someone about this movie.

      And OMG that soundtrack

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