Quality Vs Quantity – the podcast

Continuing on yesterday’s post, today’s show is an expansion of Quality versus Quantity and how it;s best for every author to have both.

This is the first of my ‘marketing’ episodes: bringing you inside knowledge of some of the tactics and strategies I use.

I hope you guys will find them useful.

This is a short episode, running about 20 minutes. For the first ten minutes I talk about getting back into the creative zone and then ramble on about Disney (yeah they come up again).

Then begins the lesson of sorts. I expand on my blog post from yesterday and try to come up with better examples to clarify my points. On a personal note, this episode was somewhat annoying because I’m out of my usual comfort jokes of dick jokes and fanboying.

No matter though – I listen back to it and I actually like it.

Next week we have Shannon Thompson, so that will be one crazy cornucopia of thinly-veiled innuendos and epic writer geekiness. You’ll also get to compare the two of us:

She, being the beautiful fairy that graces each and every word like a flower, gently tracing fairy dust, or whatever she uses, to create magic that bounds around like streamers on a Christmas tree or someone who’s really really high on LSD – and me, who trudges through like a trucker, or a camel rider like that battle scene from Lawrence of Arabia.

So keeping that mental image in mind and hoping I have helped you get on step closer to making it as an artist, here’s today’s episode.




Rapid Fire

Blue Stahli

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