Episode 17: Demons

In today’s show I talk about demons – not necessarily the ones living in my head but rather the ones used in stories to terrorize your children. But first things first:

I apologize for the intro voice. I thought I could pull off a demon voice but the end result sounds like a constipated minion from a Saturday morning cartoon.

Following some rockin’ tunes I talk about my latest cover which is still in progress, my writing schedule which looks like crap on a cracker and my issues with finding a suitable host for my podcast. WordPress is all well and good, but this thing is suited for blogs, not a podcast.

And now, for the topic of the show:

I talk about demons in stories and try to properly categorize them. However this topic is so vast and vague, that it’s largely uniquely dependent on the creator rather than an established trope. However there are some common elements I pointed out such as ‘creator of chaos’ (which bdw, if I ever get a band, I am so using that name), Harbinger of destruction and sometimes, a minion for something much worse.

The main distinction however is between Western and Eastern types. The western version usually is more about evil and chaos itself, using monsters of destruction, whereas the Eastern is more about reincarnation into something evil and determinate to destroy something specific. Essentially revenge or retribution. Usually, if the Main Character is a demon, there is a heavy element of Redemption too.

Take a look at this comparison.

Your typical iconic demon

Your typical iconic demon

That one is western as opposed to this eastern version:


feel my heat, ladies

feel my heat, ladies


See what I mean? But enough talk. Here’s today’s show, enjoy.




Rapid Fire

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