Episode 20: Devils

In possibly the worst show ever, I show up with a sore throat and out of my freakin’ mind to give you your weekly dose of inspirational insanity.

This week I had no guest, no topic, no energy and no plan – still didn’t stop me from doing a show. So I rant on and on about something or other, energized by hatred for my neighbor and love for you guys who got me to rank #10,000 on Amazon last Sunday, then finally I decide to talk about one of the video game series that inspired me to write Legacy in the first place – Devil May Cry.

I compare the graphics, speak a little about the 13th generation of video games, talk some demonology and how I ripped off the game unashamedly and finally end the show by playing a few seconds from this little mix.

(No not the band – just click on the link dammit)

Epic DMC megamix or something. Click it and your life would be better.

This is the worst intro I’ve ever written, perfect for the worst show ever recorded. So unless you’ve managed to struggle out of your straight jacket, don’t listen to the show.

If you have . . . enjoy. You have been warned.



Rapid Fire

Blue Stahli



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