Episode 22: Little Pricks

Today’s show is all about facing your fears – or at least enjoying the insanity that they produce. It’s not everyday (I hope) that people experience crippling stress that completely halts their productivity but that’s what I am going through this week and most likely the next.

I considered phoning it in and not doing the show, but this is a journey that you guys are taking with me and every journey has it’s ups and downs. Therefore it would be unfair of my to hide the low points of my life.

My stress is a combination of “Waiting for the release date” and “Exams for my evening course.”

I know, as every other author should, that the first couple of books in the series will set the tone and can make or break your career. This is why I am so nervous about Birthright’s release. I am worried about the CTA’s, I am worried about the reception of the story – essentially I am worried and all I gotta do is ride it out.

Having exams today, Tuesday and Thursday (coincidentally my release date cos the universe fucking loves me) is not helping at all. It’s not the toughness of the exams that are worrisome, but rather the conditioning that every student experiences – exams = horrible. Run little rabbit, run.

But of course, that is not enough. On Saturday my jaw began hurting and I went to the dentist – who by the way I have a phobia of. I was so stressed out that I had no more stress left for the dentist so I went there all calm and shit, got a wisdom tooth pulled out and spent the rest of the day (and recording of this show) tripping balls on pain meds.

This show is great. It’s not of any use to anyone and there is clearly a rhythm that only a squirrel would recognize – fast, slow, fast, fast, fast, slow and fast again.

If anything it’s entertaining and might make your problems seem fine in comparison.

You’re welcome.




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