Birthright Cover Release

OK you ready? OK here we go – 3, 2, 1 . . . COVER!!!!

Birthright 2


OK boys and girls, lock and load cos this is about to get heavy. We all know that a cover is a crucial element to selling any book, because people DO judge a book by it’s cover – so this baby has to be perfect.

Now’s the time to thank Viola Estrella, who has been doing covers for me for nearly a year. She made Firstborn‘s cover, whipped up a gem like that in less than 2 weeks and also made the cover for Dread Night. Finding the right artist for you is a tall order and some writers spend a lot of money experimenting with different people before settling for someone (sounds a lot like the dating scene doesn’t it?)

Thanks to Ray Vogel, who is the CEO of AEC Stellar, I was spared that pain. He came up to me, suggested Viola on account of her style and what little I described of my desired cover and BAM! – Instant cover artist.

But enough about the people whom I should be grateful for: now I wanna talk about me and how awesome my cover is.

Here’s the full version:



Elephant in the room: The bird.

(Ryan that’s a Phoenix!)

I know.

(You made a big deal about it when Viola didn’t know what to do.)

I know.

(Tell the nice people about the flamin’ Bird!!)

I know!!


So there’s a Phoenix on the cover. It’s a bird made out of fire. (Thank you Sherlock.)

The Phoenix is a plot element, vital to Erik’s childhood. I won’t spoil anything, just that it has something to do with why Erik can’t use magic as an adult. It’s one answer anyway. (Just one of the answers though, cos I love torturing you one book at a time.)

Little behind the scenes fact – the phoenix was the last thing to be put since I wanted a specific pattern and pose but couldn’t really define it. So in order not to confuse Viola I told her to pull up some Google images of Marvel’s Jean Grey when she was the Phoenix. For those of you hardcore fans you’ll notice that the head pose of my phoenix is exactly like that of the Phoenix Force from the X-men comic cover.

We revived the stock photo of Erik from the first cover, cleaned it up nice and put it next to Gil. I have no idea where Viola got that girl from but LOOK AT THAT HAIR! That’s anime fetish 101 and I love it. When I requested Gil to be on the cover I had to fill out an entire character form (cos Viola knows that email descriptions are bullshit so she makes you write a diligent form with this thing called structure). I was sure that she wasn’t gonna get the character right – Gil is too anime themed to be found in any stock image.

But once again Lord Viola comes through and presents me with that cover. I love it when people prove me wrong and it’s to my advantage.

The one thing that bothered me to no end was the color of the words Birthright. I had the option between the current blue and a dark red version and had to run through 8 beta readers before I could make a decision.

Seriously guys, this decision took a week – longest decision ever. I finally settled on blue for a myriad of reasons; color contrast, the background and character hues, thumbnail colors, etc.

The sword icon on the spine has a number 2 in it cos this is the second novel (well, duh) and here is the blurb:

“Following the events of his last adventure, Erik Ashendale is having some serious doubts about . . . well, just about everything. He is doubting his power, his apprentice’s progress reached an impassive point and his sister’s information is yielding nothing. The Sins can attack at any time, and our hero has no idea what to do.

So he turns to Sun Tsu, an old friend who provides Abi with a few tools and a friendly ear to Erik’s tale: the obscure history of Erik Ashendale and how he went from a regular kid born into a rich Warlock family to the hunter we all know and love today.”

And that, boys and girls, is from Goodreads, where the book is already uploaded, locked and loaded for next THURSDAY’S RELEASE PARTY.

Yep, only 3 days until you guys can read this book for yourself.


Peace out,



PS. If you haven’t read Firstborn and Dread Night, now is the perfect time to prep up for the release of the second novel. Click on the links to purchase them and you will not be sorry.

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