Episode 24: Marketing Insanity


Warning: DO NOT consume any beverages during this show.

This episode is inexcusable – the premise is that I talk about some of the marketing strategies I wrote about on this post a few days ago and further elaborate on some social media I used to promote my latest release Birthright (Bk2 of the Legacy Series).

And of course I did just that – to a certain extent.

The problem was, I listened to some “particular” music and consumed copious amounts of coffee before coming on to the show, and ended up going bat shit crazy.

Seriously, don’t drink whilst listening to my show. And DO NOT let your kids listen to this either. There are a variety of scars you can give them: don’t let this show be one of them.

To sum up the today’s show, I discuss:

– platform building and funneling

– building your list and rewarding subscribers

– paid ads

– reviews


I also did about 17 different impressions and sang 5 times on the show so the message may be somewhat buried. Either way, I hope you enjoy the show and hopefully you learnt something.

I wouldn’t count on it though,





Rapid Fire

Blue Stahli


PS. Enter WC78G to get Birthright for .99c on Smashwords. The offer expires today so get a move on!

PSS. If you wanna get a free short story just click on this link. Or listen to the show. Either one is cool.

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