Episode 25: Gail Z Martin


I cannot begin to describe the magnitude of awesome that is this interview. Gail Z Martin is a true inspiration, one that I latched on to ever since I read the Chronicles of the Necromancer some 7 odd years ago.

Not only is she a great writer with over a decades worth of publishing under her belt but Gail is also a marketing expert. She spearheads her own marketing firm, DreamSpinner Communications, along with her husband, and they help out small businesses get in touch with their target audience.

The one thing that impressed me is her open mind – Gail does not play by the Traditional publishing rules but instead seeks out her own audience, interacts with her fans on a personal basis and puts work out there faster than anyone in her position that I can think of nowadays.

Make sure to follow Gail Z Martin on Facebook, Twitter, check out her blog, her site and her work on Amazon.

And now for some promos because I need a buffer.

Tonight is K.D. Keenan’s Launch party (7-9 Central on Facebook). You can listen to our interview here.

Clear your calendars for July 24th – AEC is organizing a Mystery Release Party. That’s all I got: Mystery. Be there and let’s find out what it’s all about.

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And now, here’s the show:




Rapid Fire

Blue Stahli


Thank you guys for listening, and thank you for the reviews. Don’t forget to email me the link to your review at ryanattardauthor@gmail.com for a free short story.

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