Episode 27: Andrew Vogel


This is a Lurking Voice first: our first actor on the show and boy what a way to break the mold.

To call actor, director and editor Andrew Vogel prolific is a vast underestimation. Just check out his IMDb page and scroll through that list.

I met Andrew for two reasons: he is Ray Vogel’s brother (Ray Vogel being my manager and CEO of AEC Stellar) and because of project I can’t really talk about yet.

Either way, I saw an opportunity to have an actor on the show and took it.

Andrew’s interview is one of my favorites: we got to explore the ins and outs of an acting career, how to get an agent and start out, we compared notes with regards to our art technique – and then shit got real.

This dude is a deep person. Just his acting technique alone is enough to tell you what sort of mind he has, but we also got to talk about how art, specifically how working in the industry, changes you as a person. I won’t tell you anything – that way you have to listen to the show.

Of course, the lightning round (I really should change the name of that segment) was a blast. I think most memorably, I will remember that drunk Wolverine story for the rest of my life.

But enough chatting. Listen to the show and enjoy this conversation I got to have with a true artist:




Rapid Fire

Blue Stahli


That’s it for this week folks. Tune in next week for another episode of The Lurking Voice podcast.

Stay cool,


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