Episode 29: Ray Vogel and AEC Stellar


Today’s guest is Ray Vogel, sci-fi author and CEO of AEC Stellar.

Now here’s the thing about this guy – he’s my manager and he’s the founder of the publishing house that publishes me. Which means I was very nervous about interviewing him because we had never spoken to each other properly before (other than email).

Ray is the most calming person I’ve ever known. He just sat there laughing throughout most of the show and provided much fodder for banter. The show was originally an hour and sixteen minutes which I managed to cut down to a little over an hour. Don’t worry – I just eliminated some dead air and my bullshit. Since Ray and I clearly have a great working relationship, we tended to veer off on tangents: like when it took us 5 minutes to get through one lightning round question at the end.

He’s awesome and I’, sure, after listening to his interview, you will think so as well.





Rapid Fire

Blue Stahli



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Mystery Launch Party, 7-9 Central, on facebook, where you can  win a crapload of prices. I made an error on the show and got the date wrong apparently. But the party is on the 27th of August. More details here.

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OK I’m done.

Peace out, stay cool.


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    Talking with Ryan was a blast. Hope you enjoy!

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