Episode 30: Heists



Today’s show is all about heist movies, something which I have been indulging myself in for a while because

a) I needed some ‘research’ for Evil Plan Inc. Ep 4

b) I LOVE heist movies

Originally I just wanted to talk about Foolproof (2003) as this is one of those movies which I love – the final plot twist at the end, and the crew of characters are reflected in what I was writing about. However, the show just wasn’t happening and I tanked it.

Then I watched The Perfect Score (2004), got a contact high from that movie and BAM – perfect show recording. In addition to those two movies I also added what in my opinion is the best heist movie ever made: The Italian Job (2003).

Heist movies are all about plot twists, something which I absolutely love. Whilst I find it easier to write character driven stories, especially for a multiple perspective story like Evil Plan Inc., I do include heavy plot-motion elements; hence my need for ‘research’.

And yes, I can technically claim this as research even if I did said research in bed with a bowl of crisps. It’s still research dammit!

I open the show by signing a few tunes (of course), then talk about my vacation and the sagely lizard I met there who taught me a valuable life lesson – no I did not do any acid. It’s metaphorical. Read this for the full details.

Then I talk about me finishing Evil Plan Inc. ep 4 (which is the last thing I had to write for this year’s schedule) and about the ‘petite mort’ I was feeling at the conclusion of both Pandora book 1 and EPI ep 4. I did not properly process those feelings and so I had to deal with a lot these couple of days – emotionally speaking. Right now I’m writing a standalone novel that is years ahead it’s publishing date. It’s a drama and it was inspired by a short story I had written years before I got published, which a lot of people fell in love with. It’s one of the first things I’d ever written but to this day both I and my readers still love it. Read it here.

I think that’s enough talking. Enjoy the show:



Till next time.

Peace out and stay cool,




Rapid Fire

Blue Stahli

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