Episode 31: God Bless America



This week’s show is kinda heavy, in that it has a deep message and the comedy is dark. I’ve been writing some emotionally heavy stuff, which brought up certain feelings from my past, and this is a good a way as any to deal with them. I suppose it’s all part of the artistic journey, and even in our down side, we can still reach people and deliver a message – and there I go again with the heavy stuff.

Today’s show is about the movie God Bless America. It’s  a dark comedy about political satire and in my opinion should be part of everyone’s education. It’s smart, brilliant, and has a lot of food for thought.

I start the episode by detailing a story of how the blackout the day before affected me, how I find myself taking stances against certain factions of life and then I decide to quote this movie. My voice was shot, (I cannot speak at all today) so no voices.

But that didn’t stop me from talking about social media, societal evolution, the government, our growth and communication, television and those bullying shows that pander to the masses, our lack of values and morals, etc ,etc.

Essentially this episode is a 30 minute rant about a variety of topics by a slightly feverish writer with way too much coffee in his system.

The show ends with a eulogy to Robin Williams, who deserved to be mentioned. I choose to honor his death not by thinking how he died, but by spreading the same kind of joy and laughter that he did, to everyone around me – especially myself. We have to carry on his legacy, and speared the laughs.

Enjoy the show:




Rapid Fire

Blue Stahli

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  1. Love God Bless America. I just watched it last month actually. :]

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