Episode 33: Fat Vampire


I seem to have trouble staying on topic. After beating myself silly for not recording the show on time, my neurosis finally kicked in and the THC levels in my brain spiked to create the 15 minute rant that you heard at the beginning of this show. I, myself, think that’s an achievement to be celebrated but what the fuck do I know?

Today I talk about the Fat Vampire books, specifically books 1-4 otherwise known as the value meal. I’ve been a long time fan of author and business mogul Johnny B Truant, and I’m glad to finally be discussing one of his projects.

Fat Vampire is what is known as serialized fiction, and in this case, each installation (book) is either a short novel or a long novella. Either way I was stuck to the words like white on rice (don’t judge me – the alternative is like shit on Velcro). Johnny is a master storyteller and although I’ve read his later projects and his writing technique definitely improve, Fat Vampire will definitely suck you in (OK now you can judge me.)

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Enjoy the show:




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