Episode 35: Cyborgs


This is a good one people. For one thing I was hyped up and full of energy. For another, I talk about cyborgs and all things robot. But instead of just nerding out (don’t worry I do that too), I explore what made people imagine such things.

Is it a fear of our own mortality? Is that why we seek to render ourselves invincible using science and technology?

Or is it more alien? The understanding of the unknown?

The show may get a little heavy and I did spin in circles at one point, but I left it there because I would like some feedback on this one. What do you guys think?

What’s your view point?

In other news, join us tonight for The Former Hero launch party, 7-9 CDT on Facebook.

And don’t forget to join us on the 25th (that’s 2 weeks people) same time, same place, for the Ebook Extravaganza.

You can win a shitload of prizes, including a kindle device, 6 paperbacks, ten ebooks, a spotlight and more. I explain all this in a very very (seriously bad) horrible Jeremy Irons accent. It kinda takes a tour around the world at one point, but hey – it’s comedy.

We also have a new theme song. It’s no longer Rapid Fire by Blue Stahli – nope, now we have Pink Steampunk Girl by Drev. Make sure to support the artists but clicking the links below.

OK I’m done. Enjoy the show:





Pink Steampunk Girl




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