Rise and Fall

We’re less than a month away from the release of the Pandora Chronicles and maybe it’s about time to share some info about that book. I’m not going to talk about how I wrote it – there are better people out there to teach you about writing a book.

No, what I wanna talk about is the period of my life when I wrote that book. Starting a new series is never easy. It’s even worse when you’re going through crippling self doubt, watching as your peers are succeeding and you’re just twirling your thumbs, waiting for your book launch – for your turn to shoot for the stars.

This was August 2013 and life sucked balls.

At this point I had finished Firstborn but was still months, years, away from launching it and seeing a dime. I was going through a “silent depression” – telling everyone that everything is OK. Because what was I gonna say? That I want time to speed up, that I’m choking in my own thoughts, that I think about quitting every other day and then realize that there is nothing – NOTHING – I would rather do with my life than this.

So I turned to music and found solace in this song: Rise and Fall by Adventure Club and Krewella.

The song talks about a revolution of sorts, albeit the message being abstract, and the lyric “we rise and fall” kept me from going over the edge. That was my career, my hope, my life – it will rise and it will fall and it will rise and it will fall and the cycle continues.

I am listening to the song as I type and yes I am in a highly emotional state because I remember the hope I found when all there was in the world was a lonely table in a coffee shop, a guy writing a story and this song.

As such the main character in the Pandora Chronicles, Nick Solomon, is a huge Krewella fan. The band is referenced twice, and comically enough in the story he never gets to catch their concert despite having bought tickets – which I heard sell out really fast.

The reason I am writing this is because of this post I came across. You should know that Krewella consists of a DJ/producer and two vocalists. You may or may not like their music – that is merely a question of taste.

What drew me to Krewella was the same reason that drew me to Celldweller, my favorite musician. It’s their story: a high school group who decided to drop whatever they were doing and take a leap of faith – one which paid off in big bucks. That bittersweet story was exactly what I was going through – once you substitute music for writing and eliminate the hot girls. I am in love with the group because of their passion and what they stand for, the hope that no matter who you are and where you are, so long as you don’t give up, you will succeed.

But as the song goes, “we rise, and fall.”

Lawsuits are very common in the entertainment world. When you live in that world greed is often the creation and solution to most problems. It’s not a good solution – but I guess people stop thinking in terms of right and wrong when they are faced with that much money. It’s a psychological change, which means its a personality change.

I’m not going to accuse anyone. I’m not even going to pretend to understand that partying world. I do believe Rain Man has a drinking problem (and I highly suspect the other do too but hide it better).

But it saddens me to watch a group that brought me so much hope disintegrate over something so stupid as “more” money. These people are rich – they have platinum and whatever-else selling records. They have sold out concerts all around the globe. And yet I fear it’s over.

The sad part is, and TMZ would never print this, is that when they were just 3 kids making music it was all OK. The problem starts with Hollywood and the record labels. When managers get involved and words like “contractual obligations” and “profit margins” are thrown around like share buttons on a viral post, that’s when something becomes twisted. That is a toxic world they live in, one that we all feed whether we agree with it or not.

I don’t know that’s going to happen with Krewella. I don’t see them making up any time soon. Maybe the two vocalists will continue touring alone – although many fans have complained about their performances. Maybe Rain Man will have a solo career. Or maybe a miracle will happen and they do kiss and make up. Whatever the solution though, the magic is gone, sucked away in the deep dark miasma of the corporate world.

Maybe Krewella is on it’s way to falling but something else will rise, I’m sure. It saddens me to have lost something so close to me, something that gave me hope and strength when I needed it the most, but I am thankful. Those words, “We rise and fall”, are a truth I harbor close to my heart and in every word I write.

Because you never know. I bet when they made that song they were just pursuing their art, doing what they do. Little did they know that a writer from across the globe would hear those words and pursue his career, renewed by hearing the exact words he needed to hear most.

Hope comes in all forms, in all shapes and sizes, and we would be remiss if we did not try our best to spread it around.

Peace out,



PS. Here are some articles about the Krewella lawsuit.



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