Episode 38: Oathbreaker’s Shadow and Prince of Persia


In today’s episode I cover the awesome Oathbreaker’s Shadow by Amy McCulloch and discuss how it’s a refreshing breath of fresh air from the usual styles of debut novels.

Then, just because I am really just an 8 year old boy in love with video games of the age of old, I talk A LOT about the Prince of Persia series:

– The Sands of Time trilogy

– the 2008 reboot, which I LOVE and couldn’t stop rambling about (sorry about that #notsorry)

– and the 2010 movie with Jake Gyllenhaal

I play some awesome PoP soundtracks from the games, including the 2 Godsmack ones – because who doesn’t love some hard rock when slaying sand monsters?

And due to a mispronunciation in the movie with ticked me off, I ended up playing Hanson’s MMMBop.

Again – not sorry





Pink Steampunk Girl





PS. We have some relevant ads this week.

1) Pandora Chronicles release party. Join us on the 23rd of October (that’s in 3 weeks), 7-9 central on facebook.

2) I have a couple of panels at the Malta Comics Expo. Friday 31st Oct, I’ll be doing a double panel with Stefanie DeLeo on writing and marketing.

Then on Sunday 2nd Nov, I’m having a Sci-fi panel with some very awesome guests.

Hope to see some of you there.

Peace out,



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