Episode 39: ESP, Jumper and Push


On today’s show I discuss ESP, otherwise known as Extra-Sensory Perception – that spooky branch of Sixth Sense supernatural super powers, bordering on the “is this really a power?” arena.

ESP is subtle and usually great for a character driven plot, but only if the power is a secondary thing.

The reason I am talking about ESP is because I include it in the upcoming Pandora Chronicles, so the countdown on things that inspired that series continues.

I talk about 2 movies: Push and Jumper – two hideous stains in movie history, for different reasons.

I gave Push a 5/10 – cos there was potential

I gave Jumper a 2/10 – simply cos there were no babies in jeopardy.

As you can probably tell this is one of those ranty episodes where I go off on tangents whilst 70’s classics play in the background. Cos that’s how I roll.






Pink Steampunk Girl






PS. We have some ads this week.

– I’ll be at the Malta Comics Expo, doing a Writing panel from 3pm onward on Friday 31st Oct, 2 interviews with  Mike Costa and Ron Marz on 9 and 1pm  on Sat 1st Nov and a Sci fi panel on Sunday 2nd at 1pm.

– Be sure to attend that Pandora Chronicles release party for free books, awesome prizes and much more.

– If you wanna listen to me make a fool out of myself on someone else’s show here’s a link to last Tuesday’s episode of Back Porch Writer

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