Episode 40: Lara Croft – Tomb Raider


I love Tomb Raider – although probably not for the same reasons most males love Lara Croft. In this episode of the Lurking Voice I explain some on my aspirations to become an archaeologist followed by my quick retirement of that idea, and the inspirations this series brought onto me which eventually led to me writing the Pandora Chronicles.

In this episode I deal with the movies primarily, and I have a lot of fun playing the soundtracks – exclusively.

I guess the best part come towards the end where I go off into an observation about how entertainment in all forms, be it novels, comics or video games and movies, all have raised the bar, and that modern entertainers (such as myself) have a responsibility to carry that torch.

I love it when I get to nerd out and be deep in an episode. Enjoy:




Pink Steampunk Girl





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