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Here we go people – cover release time.

I always get a little confused as to what I’m supposed to say here since I’ve been talking about this series for a while now. As you know I’m pretty open about what I’m doing at any moment, creatively speaking and this book has been a long time coming.

In the last episode of the Lurking Voice, I spoke about the Tomb Raider series, and that sparked something inside me: a love for treasure hunting, myths and puzzles of all sorts and a healthy dose of trash talking, ass-kicking heroes.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been interested in mythology. I remember this Egyptian myths books I had as a kid that I would read from cover to cover. There was also this genius book about astrology, and would go into detail about the mythology behind the stars’ names.

There was a brief time in my life where I wanted to be the explorer of the unknown, to travel the world in search of mysteries – and somehow I thought that I could fund my travels using books. Apparently that plan is still going strong, but I’ve been stuck in part one for a while. I started writing Legacy shortly thereafter and discovered my true love.

But the lust for treasure and adventure never left. It was all rekindled in 2012. I am a huge fan of video games, and love watching cutscene movie on YouTube. I cam across these two gems: Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted. And if you read Pandora well enough you can definitely see some parallels.

The spark to start the story actually came from Assassins’s Creed, where I was reacquainted with the trope of ancient aliens. suddenly I had a major plot for the series, and after a few Discovery Channel episodes, I began forming a beat sheet.

Ironically enough, the first thing I wrote was the Prologue, then called Genesis, which I entered in a short story competition. I’m still waiting for them to contact me (I didn’t win obviously), but I saw I had something there and kept writing.

Part 1, where the story is told from the POV of a Golden Age pirate, is actually inspired from my college dissertation. I wrote about actual Golden Age pirates and figured, why do extra research? What the college didn’t know was that I got most of my ideas from Pirates of the Caribbean, but hey I got a B+ so no one tell ’em OK?

Part 2 is all modern, taking place in 2012, which is when I first conceived the story. I also went with that date because of the whole Mayan Calendar, end-of-the-world thing, and felt it added a sense of doom and urgency to the adventure.

As I’m sure those who’ve read the book can tell, Nick Solomon has a lot in common with Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, since he in the base template for my character. Of course I’ve sprinkled some other characters in there but I like the cynical, everyman character and that is exactly what I was going for.

The idea to divide the book into sections came from a show called Relic Hunter. It’s an old show, TV’s attempt to capitalize on the Tomb Raider success, by creating a female counterpart to Indiana Jones and put her in a college with a geeky assistant. Again you can see the parallels I drew for Pandora.

And for those of you who read the book and are curious, let me explain the Epilogue. This takes place in 3012, a full 1000 years in the future. There will be a scene like that in every book, but those are just teasers.

My (genius) plan is to write 6 books from Nick Solomon’s perspective and then release a trilogy set in the year 3012 combining all those scenes that you see in the epilogues – sort of a ‘and here’s what happened to the world after the events of the books.’

And since this is a cover release I would like to thank Viola Estrella for her awesome cover. Not a lot of artists can make sense of ‘alien, tech orb’ – which is ad verbatim how I pitched the cover to her. My idea was to have every Artifact on the cover for each book, and since this one is all about the Orb – there you have it.

I’ve also decided to break the trope of naming things and decided to name the series The Pandora Chronicles (and you’ll know what Pandora is exactly in later books) without giving each book an individual name. It fit.

From now on they shall be known as Book 1, Book 2 and so forth, so as to avoid confusion. All you gotta remember is Pandora Chronicles and you’re set.

Wow, I really did ramble on.

OK, so what’s next?

If you wrote a review for this novel you can post it on amazon and such, because now the gates are open – so to speak.

If you wanna chat with me live and maybe get yourself a free copy, not just of this novel but of a whole bunch of other, you can join the Pandora Chronicles Release Party, next Thursday.

And thank you guys for the support. It makes me even more enthusiastic to get to work on the second one (which bdw is already planned out). Who knows, maybe I’ll send Nick off to Japan or something in the next one. Hehe.

OK, that’s all folks. Thanks for tuning in.

Peace out, see y’all on Thursday,


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