Episode 42: The Lost Boys (Halloween special)


It’s a Halloween special today, and on this amazing episode we discuss the awesome 1987 horror The Lost Boys.

I first watched this movie a couple of years ago when I heard the Klash-up Cry Little Sister vs Hello Zepp. Once again, thank you Celldweller for imparting PURE AWESOME on us mere mortals. I watched this movie again, and boy do I love it.

The setting, the acting, the non existent special effects, the leather jackets and peroxide hair – awesome. Basically the podcast is me talking non-stop about this movie and playing remixes of Cry Little Sister. I think it’s high time someone made that into a national anthem or something.

So here’s today’s playlist:

Dracula’s Pipe Organ (hehe)

Cry Little Sister Vs Hello Zepp

Cry Little Sister Klash up Henzo Remix

Walk this Way (no, I’m not kidding)

Cry Little Sister (Original song)

Cry Little Sister Season’s After cover

(and you thought I was exaggerating)


This is the first movie to ever get a 10/10 on my show – of course, me laughing the entire time may have been an indication that my sanity was in question, but fuck it – I love this movie.





Pink Steampunk Girl






I’d like to thank everyone who showed up for the Pandora Chronicles release party. I had a blast and you guys have proved once again that you are both supportive and just plain crazy. And I love you so much for it.

Thank you for the reviews, I still can’t believe the awesome love. If you guys wanna check out the novel simply click this link – and make your life that much better.

Malta Comics Expo, people. Check it out and brace yourselves for some awesome podcast episodes and material.

You may also wanna check out my Legacy Halloween short story Dread Night. Only .99c

That’s all people. Peace out,


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