Episode 43: Panel with Jennifer Cihi and Stefanie DeLeo


Earlier today I posted a blog post about Day 2 at the Malta Comics Expo and this is the result of the first panel that actually worked.

I think my favorite line ever is when, during the first 2 seconds of the episode, Jennifer leans off mike and says “Ryan I think your head is about to explode.”

Here’s the Cliffnotes version of what happened until that panel: we’re supposed to do a writing panel, shit hits the fan, the panel doesn’t happen and I suggest Jennifer join us so I could at least get something out of that day.

We had about 7 people in the audience which is so fucking sad – but then we start interacting with them and by the end I feel so grateful that they were so cool. Hell, I even hung out with two of them for an hour after the show.

Both Jennifer and Stefanie have agreed to be interviewed on the podcast on a later date, so – YAY!!

Also, when the audience people speak it’s not on mic – we couldn’t get a mic for them cos the sound guy just fucked off. Seriously, we were luck we got Jennifer a mic and she was headlining the damn show.


But you know what? This panel was awesome and I am glad it happened the way it did. The experience was richer, the laughs and off topic comments were plenty and some of them even got my jokes.

A win-win. Enjoy:




Pink Steampunk Girl




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