Episode 45: Sci-Fi panel


Hey folks. Sorry about the radio silence this week but it has been one heck of a week for me. Deadlines suck.

Today’s episode is the last of my panels at the Malta Comics expo and this one deserves a special nomination. First off my guests were Joe Harris, Mike Costa and Mario Azzoppardi – three of the biggest legends in telling science fiction themed stories.

Second – there was a point in this panel were we argued. I don’t mean there was yelling or cursing – we were all professional and courteous (as everyone should be). But we definitely a difference of opinion on what we thought was the driving point of our careers. It’s a matter of where one is coming from – traditional methods or indie. The age old argument.

What I liked was that we all agreed to disagree and there in that sense the panel was a huge success – it brought together people with different perspectives to a discussion about something we all love.

But enough about that. You can listen to the episode here:

(PS you may wanna turn your speakers up since the recording is a little low – the set up of the room was messed up)




Pink Steampunk Girl





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