Taking a week off

Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop by and let you know that there will be no podcast this week (awww) and possibly next week too.

(Oh contain your excitement will you?)

I’m going on holiday, folks. A much needed holiday. I leave tomorrow and will be back the following wednesday – hmm, maybe I can squeeze one podcast on Thursday, if I manage to record and post it on the same day.

See, this is why I doubt I can function in a society. For the past few days I’ve had a taste of normality, a regular life with no hassle and no pressing schedules. I’m not gonna say it wasn’t nice, but it’s not something I can keep doing forever. Suppose I need the stress, and the anxiety.

Maybe that’s the secret to growth – overcoming the obstacles you set in your own path.

In other news, the Legacy Short Story collection is done and only the last few cogs remain. I still don’t have a release date. But I can tell you that you will get nearly 50 K words worth of free shit, just for being supportive fans.

This book is for you people – you who reviewed, who subscribed to this site, you who supported me, even if you weren’t vocal about it.

Thank you.

Evil Plan Inc. is still in the works. 90% of the writing is done and I got all stories prepped up but there are still more polishes to go. Don’t worry though. You guys should get that 4 episode preview soon enough.

Very, very soon.

Meanwhile I’m ploughing through novels like someone is paying me for it. I read 2 novels in 3 days – not bad eh? Besides, reading keeps me distracted from asking myself too many questions and elicit too many doubts.

I suppose part of growing up is that the voices become less and the message more coherent. There’s some stuff I gotta do, somethings I gotta change, especially coming next year.

But for now, I read, watch TV, and curse at my neighbour for playing her Christmas carols way too fucking loud.

Peace out guys. See you all in a week.



PS. I still haven’t packed. I hate packing. So I’m going to procrastinate till the very last minute and then rush it – and probably forget something.  Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.

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4 comments on “Taking a week off
  1. liisur says:

    Enjoy the well-deserved holiday!

  2. Way over here in the USA, we call it a vacation. Be it deserved or not, it’s always nice to get away and do something entertaining. The trick, however, is to get the other committee members to shut up long enough to enjoy it.

    Happy Holidays!

    Have a great time, Ryan!

    — John

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