Have a very Legacy Day

Raise your glasses and goblets, for it is the 13th of December – the first Anniversary of the Legacy series.

That’s right boys and girls. Exactly a year ago, on Dec 13th (which happened to be on a Friday) Firstborn was released.

The journey up to that point was a tough one but there are few feelings of accomplishment that rival that of seeing your first book published. Likewise, there is no better feeling than getting a good review, than someone telling you they missed their stop on the train or bus because they were so entrenched in your novel, or than someone telling you to keep going because they love your work.

It’s only been a year – since I was published with AEC, since I became a paid author, since I began releasing books on a regular basis. Of course, that is still my plan, but there is something to be said about making an insane plan, going through with it and succeeding.

Firstborn was only the first of the Legacy series. Birthright, the second novel of that series, hit the virtual shelves on June 12th 2014. This was also around the same time that Firstborn got to the top 10,000 of amazon’s list – a feat which made this writer dance around to cheesy 90’s tunes and eat a whole lot of ice cream.

And the best part is the success is still ongoing.

Book 3 of the series is written, although it still needs to go through the editing process. Presently it is about 75,000 words and I LOVE this story. There are giant monsters (but that’s not new), weird magical dimension machines, multiple worlds . . . oh, and elves.

Well not really elves per se.

But we do have unicorns. They are vicious.

And this book is very important in the general plot line because it propels the entire series forwards – towards impending doom.

And since it’s Christmas here’s the tentative title for Book 3 of the Legacy series:

The Lost One.

(It’s just tentative – which means I might change it next week, so don’t get too attached. But it will definitely give you an idea of what I’m going for.)

It also has multiple meanings. But you kinda have to read the book to get that. Whoops.

But enough about just one book. The Legacy universe flourished a lot because of the sheer amount of short stories that helped solidify the world.

Sometime in the near future (maybe a couple of weeks) you can get a FREE short story collection. The way things are now you gotta get those individually and honestly it’s a pain in the ass to keep track of, let alone buy.

So what I’m doing is taking all of them (6 in total since I added 2 brand new ones) and putting them on ONE GIANT COLLECTION.

And the best part is they will be free. Not .99c.


And now comes the news I’ve been dying to share with you all. as most of you know I love music. I write to soundtracks and always have a melody in my head when I create something.

And I wanted to share this experience with you.

My friend Interconnekted has just finished mastering 6 awesome BRAND NEW TRACKS for the . . wait for it . . .

The Firstborn Soundtrack.

Yep. An original soundtrack just for the book I wrote. We’re in the final stages of releasing the album but there’s still way to go, so bear with us. But in the meantime I’m gonna try and upload them on youtube or soundcloud and you guys can give em a listen.

This dude is a genius and I honesty cannot thank him enough.

I think I’ve raved enough for one day. I’ll see you all next week for the return of the Lurking Voice Podcast and who knows – I might play a couple of those tracks.

Peace out and happy Legacy Day,



PS. Book make great Xmas gifts so if you have fantasy geeks in your family who are book-starved, click on the names of my novels and make them happy. Your family members, that is, not the links. I don’t think you can make a link happy.

Unless you tickle it just the right way.

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