Episode 47: Drinks


We’re back, folks – and what better way to describe my holiday and form (or deform) some opinions on an entire City than to go on a podcast and crack shit up?

I had a topic prepared and everything but fuck it – I was having too much fun just goofing off and going on rants. Which really is what the podcast is all about. And besides, it’s Christmas. I wouldn’t wanna bum you out. Instead I’m all for bringing you cheer and jolly.

Just like Santa.




Pink Steampunk Girl





PS. I know some of you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping (I know I haven’t – I haven’t even started). And remember that books are a great way to show someone you love them not only for that special thing they do ONLY on holidays but also for their brain and creativity. (And you don’t have to wrap ebooks so hurray)

And it just so happens I have a whole catalogue of books for you to choose from. Click on this link, take your pick and put a smile on your loved ones. (And me 🙂 )

Cheers and peace out,


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