Episode 52: Cartoons


3rd episode of the year and I once again try to be professional. In an effort to try and give my listeners some value, this week I actually scripted a show – which is to say, I wrote some prompts and notes and then I COMPLETELY IGNORED THEM.

Value indeed.

Seriously though, there are less awkward pauses and the structure actually made my show tighter in terms of delivery. There is hope for me after all.

As I tell in the beginning of the show, I am officially back in the self-publishing gig. There are bad things and good things about that and I don’t really see it as ‘going backwards’. I choose to view this as the next step, an interim to the next stage of my career. (No I am not high or drunk)

But I was sick when I recorded and that explains why the show got derailed a little. Origianlly I wanted to talk about Thundercats because after watching the 2011 reboot, I noticed something about the world building.

I love epic fantasy and the world of shows like Thundercats and Avatar (the last Airbender and Korra not that movie bullshit) is something which I can only describe as ‘Magical Realism’

A world where you have sci-fi and fantasy elements, like vast forests and deserts, and then techno cities thrown in for the mix.

You can’t really talk about cartoon without talking about the journey that the characters make. And this is when I dwell on something that I read in the Hero with a Thousand Faces and the Writer’s Journey – the idea that shit happens to a quiet life and you have to face responsibilities and make sacrifices in order to overcome.

This is when I paraphrase a quote – “Fairy tales aren’t cool because they teach us about dragons; they are cool because they teach us that dragons can be slain.”

I have no idea who said that, but there is a comment section so go ahead and enlighten me please.

By now you might be thinking how awesome it is that I have completely a well-structured show. Hold the phone (I feel so old).

The professionalism laster 18 minutes. The rest of the show was spent talking about other saturday morning cartoons such as Street Sharks, Gargoyles, Pokemon, Digimon, Biker Mice from Mars, He-Man, the DnD cartoon and of course, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Essentially I rail of your favourite childhood memories.





Pink Steampunk Girl





As I say in the beginning of the show, I am thinking of setting up a Patreon account for this show and my books. What do you guys think? Is this show worth a buck or two?

There’s a comments section down below so please feel free to leave your thoughts.

PS. Make sure to get the app of the Lurking Voice Podcast on either Amazon or on Podcast Box.


Peace out,


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