Episode 54: Wonder Boys


Wonder Boys (2000) – what a movie. I mean, if you are a writer this is one movie you will definitely relate to.

Micheal Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Katie Holmes and Robert Downey Jr. – if that is not appealing enough I don’t know what is.

This is a movie which we all can relate to – be it you’re a strange socially awkward young man (reclusive genius), or a person who doesn’t fit in with the rest of your peers (the Robert Downey Jr character) or a person reaching for the stars and being ballsy enough to do it (Katie Holmes Character) or seen by others and yourself as ‘washed up’ (Micheal Douglas character) this is a movie that speaks to all.

There are several themes that apply to the writer’s life here, particularly the notion of inspiration. Is it in your head or the world around you? Can too much or too little of one of the other throw your game so off that you’ll wind up lost in a maze of your own doing for seven years?

And if you do fail, will you ever recover? Will you ever attain that which you desire most, even at the cost of being labelled as awkward, strange, or washed-up?

And ultimately you know that decision is yours – but will you actually choose a path?

Heavy movie. And the thing is, it’s good fun in the first watch but if you watch it a few times after that, things start sinking in on a more philosophical level.

Honestly, if you haven’t watched Wonder Boys you owe it to yourself to check it out . . . and listen to this podcast.





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