Episode 56: Constantine


It’s nerdy time once more as I delve into Constantine, that awesome occult detective that was the founder of his own genre.

In today’s episode we talk about the 2005 Movie with Keanu Reeves (yeah yeah I know). This was a last minute choice after I had to switch movie choices for this week’s episode and settled on something that had dominated my mind.

So I discuss the movie, highlight certain things that made the script suck, the casting, and of course play some of the soundtracks. This movie is not as horrible a travesty as I imagined. Sure, they veered off of the comics, but there were worse movies made. So let’s be kind and give this a 6/10.

Then I talk about the TV series with Matt Ryan and try not to fanboy too much, for fear that I might jinx it. Yes, I love this show.

Seriously, I love this show.

And I hope, hope and hope that this show will not get the axe. This is fresh and new, and for once we have a post modern comic book character portrayed perfectly within the television sphere.

OK enough fanboying.

Before I start the show’s topic I talk about THIS ARTICLE. How awesome is this?? I love the fact that now people can just pitch up and worship NORSE GODS.

OMG this is awesome. Of course I play Led Zeppelin’s the Immigrant Song and laugh for a million years whilst making shit up.

Hurray Norse Gods.

Enjoy the show




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