Evil Plan Inc. – Cover Reveal


the new, kick-ass, ‘funny-for-all-the-wrong-reasons’

thriller series

by Ryan Attard


Evil Plan Inc.

Oz Aeris is a genius, one who is fed up with the greed and corruption he sees everywhere. Together with an expert hacker/ thief, and a mercenary swordsman he forms a team called Evil Plan Inc. Their goal is to take down Meteor City’s corrupt society and bring chaos to the world.

Because evil can only be defeated by an even greater evil.


* * *

Hey there, boys and girls. Welcome to the official Evil Plan Inc. cover reveal.

It was designed by iZed / Ivan. Check out his site at: http://www.ivanzanchetta.com/

Also, a huge thank you to Sean Platt, Johnny B Truant and David Wright of the Self-Publishing Podcast for telling me about 99Designs. These guys make awesome covers and are totally worth checking out.

And THANK YOU guys for helping me choose this cover via a book cover contest. Having your feedback was vital to me because this is YOUR cover and YOUR series, as much as it is mine.

As you can probably tell from the description above, this is not your regular, run-of-the-mill thriller/ detective series.

I like to describe it as Scorpion (tv show) meets Breaking bad.

This is a story about villains – people who realise that only by being worse then their enemies can they defeat said enemy.

Evil Plan Inc. is serialised fiction. Think of it as a TV series. Each ‘book’ is a season and within each season you will find a number of episodes – 9 in this first one.

Some of these episodes span over a single arc, continuing where the previous episodes left off (episodes 2-7 in the case of season 1) and others are either standalone (episode 1 – the Pilot) or a smaller arc (episodes 8 & 9)

Don’t worry – I took extra precautions (hence the delayed release until now) to make sure the reading is as flowing as possible. Feedback on this has been great but now I’m psyched to how you guys are gonna react.

And to make this even better, I am giving you the first 3 episodes for free as a PREVIEW.

The FREE PREVIEW will be available in just a few days – so make sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and SUBSCRIBE to this site.

I’ve got a torrent of books prepped for 2015, starting with this preview.

So stay tuned, subscribe, and enjoy this amazing cover,


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4 comments on “Evil Plan Inc. – Cover Reveal
  1. liisur says:

    Cover looks great and by the “read” of it, looks like something I really should read.. Good luck with the launch! 🙂

  2. Allie P. says:

    I love the cover. Excellent choice!

    • Ryan Attard says:

      Thank you so much. I owe you guys for helping me out with the choice. And I am so, so psyched about the release of this series. And your reactions. Wait till you get to the funny for the wrong reasons part hehe

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