Episode 57: TMNT 2014


Welcome to another Lurking Voice podcast and this one is the mother of all rabbit holes.

Let’s start with what the podcast was supposed to be about: TMNT 2014, the movie.

To be honest, I kinda liked it. Yeah some lines were terrible, and there were instances where it felt like Michael Bay was molesting us with a rusty pipe, but all in all, it was good mindless fun – which is what any Michael Bay movie is.

So here’s what we talked about:

50 Shades of Grey came out last week, and every one had a hissy fit, or an orgasm, depending on your relationship. Naturally I go on a tirade about the immaturity and the hype job that is at the crux of this franchise.

We’ve been having a lot of Emma Watson news stories this week. Why is her personal life at all relevant to ours? Why can’t we leave celebrities in peace and stop fetishising glorifying their every moment?

Therefore: Emma Watson rant

By the time we get to the topic, I am so hyped up that I go on multiple rants about how Hollywood hates Megan Fox (whom I sincerely did not know was in the movie)

And if you want proof watch this special – after you’re done with the podcast 🙂

Somehow my Megan Fox rant becomes an Emma Watson rant (Note: this may by the Emma Watson special podcast) and how I think there’s something fishy about someone who is squeaky clean.

Like, say, being a serial killer. . . .

Enjoy the show




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