It’s Alive!!

Hey there. Just dropping by to let you know that the 3 episode Preview of my new thriller series, Evil Plan Inc., is now available for FREE download.

And just in case you missed it, here’s the cover again, with a nifty product description:



Oz Aeris is a genius, one who is fed up with the greed and corruption he sees everywhere. Together with an expert hacker/ thief, and a mercenary swordsman he forms a team called Evil Plan Inc. Their goal is to take down Meteor City’s corrupt society and bring chaos to the world.

Because evil can only be defeated by an even greater evil.


And to further add to the awesomeness, Evil Plan Inc. Season 1 Preview just broke the top 100 of Kobo, reaching #4 in International, Mystery and Suspense. That’s just plain insane (and a very good cause to dance around your study)

And we also have our first 5 * review on Smashwords.

Finally, the preview just went Permafree on Amazon so make sure to check out the links below and download your FREE copy.




PS. please make sure to follow the links at the back of the book and leave a review. A few words will suffice, but it makes all the difference to me.

Thanks guys and happy reading,


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