We just broke Amazon’s Top 100

Hey there, guys (and gals).

First off a huge, huge THANK YOU to all who downloaded the free copy of Evil Plan Inc. Season 1 – Preview.


I was doing some happy dancing today. My book just broke through the top 100 free bestsellers on Amazon, ranking #22 on International Mystery and Suspense – hot damn!!

Also we’re currently sitting at the top 10k of Amazon’s free ebook category. At it’s peak it was in the #9000 category (now its in the #10K cat. – still pretty freakin’ sweet).

I’m still #4 on Kobo’s International Mystery and Thriller category, as well as #45 in Mystery, Suspense and Thrillers, and #49 in Thrillers.

Excuse me while I jump up and down in joy.

If you haven’t grabbed your free copy now’s the time to do it. Click on your preferred site below and just hit ‘download‘ – Did I say it’s free?





Seriously guys, I cannot thank you enough. the response has been great, and I cannot wait to see what you have to say about this series.

So click one of the links above (or all of them – I don’t judge) and make sure to grab your free copy!!

Until next time, happy reading


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2 comments on “We just broke Amazon’s Top 100
  1. G’day from the land of Oz, Ryan. Just wondering when the next instalment Evil Inc is due out. I hope you don’t leave us hanging for too long. Really did enjoy the first instalment.

    • Ryan Attard says:

      I’m afraid I have some bad news with regards to that. The series was widely unpopular, so I axed it. Sorry about that, but you could always check out some of the other stuff – I’m sure you’ll find it to your liking 🙂

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