Episode 61: Divergent + Insurgent


Today’s episode is a double whammy, people. A few episodes ago I played Ellie Goulding’s “Beating Heart” and talked briefly about the movie adaptation of Veronica Roth’s Divergent series.

I like these movies, I really do.

I haven’t read the books, honestly, because I tend to stay away from dystopian stories, especially when there’s a heavy romance element. And just to prove how Bourgeois I can be, I also tend to stay away from popular stuff like the Hunger Games movies.

But Divergent has, among other things, one awesome redeeming characteristic that makes it worthwhile: Tris.


For those of you who haven’t read the books or watched the movies, Tris is the main character of this story and unlike other characters she starts out being quiet . . . boring.

Well, not in the “I wanna kill myself” boring. More of a “This is a normal person” type boring. In the first movie, only halfway throughout the story does she actually become a typical “heroine” and it was really refreshing to see a female lead protagonist that was NOT a sex symbol or overly sexualised just to sell more tickets.

Seriously, as far as movie adaptations go, Divergent takes the cake this year (or last year – whichever year the original release date was).


So you can imagine my looking forward to watching Insurgent, the sequel. As I state on the podcast, I liked this movie, but I did not LOVE it. (unlike Divergent)


Yeah, Tris goes through some very human emotions, like depression and rage, but then in the last thirty minutes of the movie, she becomes Neo from the Matrix and dominates in a way that was just plain stupid. She goes from simple, moderate hero, who is definitely human, to this kick-ass super woman with no explanation what so ever.

But on the whole, I liked both movies, and yes, I am going to watch the third one when it comes out, and YES I am gonna rave about it on the show.


By the way, if you want the name of the anime theme song I play in the beginning of the show it’s called “Brave Shine” by Aimer and it’s the opening theme song to season 2 of Fate/Unlimited Blade Works.

I have that movie queued up – and yes, that’s gonna be one geeky show when I finally get to it.

But until then,  you can enjoy my rants and raving about Divergent and Insurgent.






Music: Pink Steampunk Girl






See you guys next week . . . maybe,


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