Episode 62: Ron Burgundy


This week’s show is as weird as they come, and this coming from the guy who week after week keeps delivering his vocal ramblings in a timely fashion as if someone is paying him for it.

The topic for today’s show is Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and this flick definitely takes a spot in my top 5 WTF movies I’ve ever watched. Naturally the tone of the show reflects the madness that Will Farrell portrays so well.

This is possibly the shortest review I’ve ever done, proving once and for all that I cannot become a movie critic, but rather forever destined to dwell in the confines of my lair with my recording equipment and shitty internet connection. However the review is short not because there was nothing worth talking about in the movie, but rather because of that insane “what did I just watch” feeling that most Will Farrell flicks tend to have.

Anchorman is insane and if you are lacking some “funny for the wrong reasons” type humour that is so over the top, it can be cringeworthy (as you cry laughing between the claw marks on your face), then I suggest you put on this movie.



However that’s not the whole scope of the podcast. In the first ten minutes of the show I rant about a political situation here in the country of Malta, where my lair is presently located. Last weekend the whole country was forced into a referendum where we basically had to go through a whole song and dance, which then culminated in our voting.

Essentially the government wanted to know if we support hunting of birds in the springtime or not.

Now this is a big issue because not only is the Spring the mating season, but most of these birds are rapidly going extinct. Also, let’s make something clear. If you destroy a species, you are creating an imbalance in the ecosystem – the same ecosystem you live in. That’s like going to a buffet dinner and using the desert cart as a bathroom.

See? I’m both deep and sophisticated.

Enjoy the show:



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See? Easy.

Till next time folks,


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