Episode 64: Sabrina the Teenage Witch


Welcome to what is possible the most unapologetic and unashamed show in the history of mankind. Today’s movie choice is Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the 1996 movie which served as a precursor to the popular tv show.


There are absolutely no apologies for this show. Apart from talking about one of my favourite tv shows ever, a show that aired during my childhood and inspired possibly my most beloved character yet (Amaymon from the Legacy series), I also play a bunch of 90’s songs (actually late 90’s early 2000’s but that’s quite a mouthful).

When you click play on the episode you’ll hear anything from She Daisy, Dan Hartman, Kris Kross, Kid Rock, Britney Spears (no I’m not joking), and Hanson.

Take a moment.

But on a more serious note (there’s only one in this show) I also talk about the feminism in this series and also compare it to some other contemporaries. The all-female cast on this show was one of its strong points and it is one of those shows that I watch over and over again.

I make no excuses about loving the 90’s. I grew up in them, (at least the last 10 years of the 90’s) and to me they remind me of times where things were simpler, where my only worries were school and which tv programmes I could get away with watching. Some of my favourite songs over are from this era (and some of my most hated ones – as I explain on the show, nothing can ever justify Kris Kross, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg).

In short, this podcast is a much needed trip down memory lane.




Music: Pink Steampunk Girl




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