Episode 69: Will Ryan Press the Button? (AKA Ryan is a terrible human being)


Holy flying cows on a porcine’s underbelly, this episode is weird. And I don’t mean quirky – I mean you might need a double dose of LSD and a bag of crank to get through this one.

First off, let me apologize for the levels on the audio. I dropped the mic (literally) before starting the show, cos apparently I have the grip strength of a fucking plushie, and I kept knocking the knobs on my mixer.

Yeah. I’m an idiot, and no amount of editing can cover that up.

Secondly, if you are easily offended, this is NOT a show for you. In fact if you still have some hope in humanity, run. Run away now, and run fucking far.

So as the title suggests I decide to emulate Garrett Robinson‘s video and play Will You Press the Button? which I maintain is designed only to make us feel shitty about ourselves.

This was not a scripted show, which basically meant I had to make shit up on the spot as the game kept giving me either or questions. I don’t wanna spoil it for you but here are some highlights: Kids with money, shemales, cancer vs kittens (I kid you not) and Morgan Freeman.

Yep, they dragged Morgan into this.

Again, if you are easily offended, steer the fuck away from this one. But to you regular listeners of the show, this shit is right up your alley.




Music: Pink Steampunk Girl





Peace out,



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