It’s Working!! (Aka Happy Dancing Timez!)

Hello Boys and Girls.

How’s everybody doing? You guys cool? We good?

I feel GREAT. So great in fact that I wanna share some epic news with you all.

The first book of Legacy, Firstborn, is free as of the time you are reading this. I’m running a free promo on Amazon, and it’s only free for two days – till thursday 23rd July. I’m telling you this cos I want you to go snag a free copy (if you haven’t already… in which case you are awesome) before the offer expires.

Over the past few minutes, Firstborn reached number 67 in the New Adult category, with over a 100 downloads. In a few minutes!!! That’s freakin’ insane!!

I’ve run promos before but this time I seem to be doing it right. And by that I mean I did months of homework before diving right in (turns out researching something instead of diving in head first actually works).

So if you want you free copy of the book click here: GET YOUR FREE BOOK

What’s that? You want more?

Okay, here’s some more. I am offering the second book for free to my mailing list in exchange for a review on Firstborn. Yep, essentially you can get both books for free – but only if you leave a review AND join my mailing list.

Like that idea? Then SIGN UP HERE and email me a link to your review. Not only that but you will get a FREE SHORT STORY COLLECTION just for signing up.

That’s 3 books for FREE!

So here’s what you do:

1) Click this link to get a free copy of Firstborn before the offer expires.

2) Sign up to the Legacy mailing list, and enjoy another free book.

3) Leave a review for Firstborn and email me the link.

4) Enjoy your free copy of Book 2 Birthright as a reward.


Does that sound awesome or what? And you don’t even spend a single penny!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some happy dancing to do 🙂



PS. Yes, I know the title is spelled wrong, but I wanted to be hip. So for today, it’s happy timez. With a Z, bitches!

PSS. Have you signed up to the mailing list yet? That’s where all the free stuff is!!


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  1. K.D. Keenan says:

    Ryan, is this a new header graphic? I like!

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