Episode 71: RIPD movie



Three things are on my mind today, boys and girls:

1) The FREE promo. Click here to get your free copy of Firstborn before the offer expires later on today.

2) that divine red velvet muffin (cupcake?) I had for breakfast

3) the movie RIPD


Seriously, this is a terrible – yet entertaining – movie. I wanted to watch a Ryan Reynold superhero movie that did not include the words “Green” and “Lantern”, in preparation for the upcoming Deadpool movie.

This was not the movie to instill hope.

This was a disaster on fucking stilts. The dialogue was hilarious and cheesy, the casting was just mind boggling and the plot non-existent. One needs drugs to both write and watch this movie.

It’s brilliant. Watch at your own risk.




Music: Pink Steampunk Girl





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