Episode 72: Death Relic


There are a lot of things I love to bitch about… and I mean A LOT. But one thing I almost never bitch about is novels and book — until now.

Today we discuss Chris Kuzneski’s Death Relic and boy do I go off on it. I do try and be diplomatic, simply because I did like the writing if only to hate everything else. I’m not even gonna try and summarizing what I raged about in this description: there is simply too much and it’s really more entertaining listening to me have a stroke on air.


And while, yes I do think this book and this writer deserve a chance, I am not gonna lie — be prepared to growl and grit your teeth.

Here’s what I DID like:

  • theme

  • writing style (Seriously, this guy is a master storyteller, if just for his style)

That’s it.

Here’s what I ranted about:

Plot, characters, dialogue, typos and errors, bullshit reviews by big name writers that I really think were hit over the head with a mallet, plot twists and the craptastic let down that this clusterfuck of a book was, more characters, twist endings that had no meaning to the book, plot formulas, and generally shitting on my pretty high expectations of this novel.

See why I didn’t bullet that list? I would have taken a page and a half. Seriously, this was so bad I had to resort to four orgasm and sex jokes just to make it through.


That’s enough for even me to cringe.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m still a little pissed off at this book. Enjoy at your own peril:




Music: Pink Steampunk Girl





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